A Letter to the strong woman that you are. 

Dear friend,    You've been through a lot, sometimes I wonder why you?      Life has thrown some shades at you, yet your countenance shines brighter.     There are countless times I had thought you had finally given up,but each time: I find you at it, never giving up.     I must confess. I... Continue Reading →



In light of the recent and previous happenings in Nigeria, a group of Nigerian young writers came together to compile literary works that would serve as a means of hope to our hurting nation, and a call to action.  The stories are purely fiction, and are merely imaginations and opinions of the authors. Albeit, they... Continue Reading →

Feminism is overrated. 

    I have always wanted to write on this issue, but what do people say about procrastination again? 😊 I'm very happy to be a woman and I'm so proud to be one that I don't buy the idea of feminism.         Let's take a look at what feminism is all... Continue Reading →

God before your goals.. 

     If you see the way posts on goals have been flying up and down on the social media,ehn ... It's a good one though. lol but seriously I hope when you're through with reading this muse,   you would get the whole picture I'm trying to paint(with words😊 ).      It's a... Continue Reading →

What are you thankful for? 

    I was so happy I had a break, cos I badly needed an "alone" time for myself; but this festive season has not been that helpful, with the house so filled,with siblings, cousins and friends *happy sigh😆*,I'm still in need of that time, really.       Amidst all this,how the year 2017... Continue Reading →

The Phone Conversation.

    I've not really had time to blog these days,due to my work and all,lol I'm still a student; just doing my Industrial training and it has been hectic,I won't lie;I have less private moments these days,no time to stay aside and muse!      I actually slept off some nights ago with my... Continue Reading →

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