Feminism is overrated. 

    I have always wanted to write on this issue, but what do people say about procrastination again? 😊 I'm very happy to be a woman and I'm so proud to be one that I don't buy the idea of feminism.         Let's take a look at what feminism is all... Continue Reading →


God before your goals.. 

     If you see the way posts on goals have been flying up and down on the social media,ehn ... It's a good one though. lol but seriously I hope when you're through with reading this muse,   you would get the whole picture I'm trying to paint(with words😊 ).      It's a... Continue Reading →

What are you thankful for? 

    I was so happy I had a break, cos I badly needed an "alone" time for myself; but this festive season has not been that helpful, with the house so filled,with siblings, cousins and friends *happy sigh😆*,I'm still in need of that time, really.       Amidst all this,how the year 2017... Continue Reading →

The Phone Conversation.

    I've not really had time to blog these days,due to my work and all,lol I'm still a student; just doing my Industrial training and it has been hectic,I won't lie;I have less private moments these days,no time to stay aside and muse!      I actually slept off some nights ago with my... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Dream of all…

It's been a while you know,I have been so occupied of late,but I thought I should just drop this muse of mine here..... We all have a dream, one or more dreams,dreams to be this or that,to do this or that,they are all good but might not be fulfilling.    Do you know that the... Continue Reading →

The Jollof Rice that made me muse.

  Pardon my long title please,this evening I was very hungry and I needed to eat , then I came across a very nice looking jollof rice,I'm a foodie,a proud one at that,lol The rice is a Nigerian delicacy,usually served at parties.   I saw this very mouth watering food,it was looking so colourful all... Continue Reading →

Mighty men around us are falling???

Hello people, how are you all doing?,well for me,its been a wonderful time,you know,what can I say,other than God is faithful and that life is a learning process..   Can anyone remember this song,"Hold the fort", which says mighty men around us are falling,courage almost gone...   Lets picture this story here,a lovely lady,passionate for... Continue Reading →

What have I learnt? 

  ​Since I finished my exam,actually I'm an undergrad student in university of Lagos, Nigeria, that's that for now. 😃 so as I was saying, before the slight intro, I've had enough time to muse, I have a lot of them to share with you guys. Let's start with this one...        It's... Continue Reading →

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